"I look inside myself to find my peace"


Peace and Procrastination - A Matter Of Our Thoughts

"The way to be at peace is to discover how to be happy in any situation"
Finding a way to be happy in any situation or event in our lives is key to having peace in our lives. The way to be at peace is to discover how to be happy in any situation we find ourselves in. Not constantly trying to change everything and everyone to make it match your idea of perfect. You may think that would make you happy but that never works.  Because life is not perfect and you are setting yourself up to be disappointed which leads to not feeling at peace with yourself. 
Its our own thoughts that make or break our being at peace in our lives.  Because no matter how perfect we believe everything is you will still have all of your own thoughts.  So its changing how we think about the situation or events in our lives that will decide how at peace we truly can be.  If you always procrastinate about doing something that needs to be done and you keep putting it off, think about what thoughts are going through your mind about doing what needs to get done at that moment. 
Are you thinking about how you dislike having to do what needs to be done?  Are you telling yourself you don't want to do what needs to be done?  And to make yourself feel better, or at least you think it does, you distract yourself by doing something you like to do instead?  It could be watching a movie, eating, playing video games, going on the internet, shopping, going to a park or meeting up with friends. 
You tell yourself you will do it another time and believing that you are in control of your life you go for that power thought?  STOP! Right there those thoughts you are having is the reason why you procrastinate which leads to not feeling really at peace with yourself.  You think yourself right out of doing what is in need of being done.
Not to say that other activities are bad things, but when we put off what needs to be done and go for these other options which are actually distractions, we end up not doing what needs to be done and we place it on the back burner of our minds.  We put it off to be looked at later on.  So what happened here?  You know you had something to do and you may not really have wanted to do it even though it has to be done.  You thought to yourself that you could do it later and so you opted in for another activity instead.  But you always come back to knowing that you still need to do what needs to be done.  
This thought resurfaces itself and floats around in or minds even if for a few quick seconds it begins to weigh on our minds.  Its what I call a loose-end.  Loose-ends form together and become a mental ball and chain which in turn keep resurfacing because our brains keep reminding us of the things we need to do and this makes us uneasy, unfulfilled and not at peace within ourselves.  Once you start catching yourself thinking negatively about what needs to be done stop yourself and flip it to a positive thought instead. i.e. "..once I get this done I'll feel like I have accomplished something and it will make me happy and proud of myself.."  or you may think "..once I have finished what needs to be done I can do something that I really enjoy doing.." 
Once you start nurturing your thought process into thinking more positively about your life and all of the things in it, you will see that things are not as difficult as they seem and you will feel more free minded and at peace with your thoughts and your life.  Remember its key to notice what you are thinking and how you think about things that will make all the difference in how at peace or how much turmoil you create in your life.  Its your choice, plain and simple.  Enjoy the day.    

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  1. According to psychologist Linda Sapadin's book (“It's About Time!: The Six Styles of Procrastination and How to Overcome Them”), there are 6 different kinds of procrastinators.

    Take the test and find out your type: https://www.playbuzz.com/.../what-kind-of-procrastinator...

    Knowing which applies to you may help tackle the problem.

  2. Yes, we need to learn how to managed our thoughts or our thoughts will managed us.

    -- www.motivationstuff.com


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