"I look inside myself to find my peace"


Living By A Code - Its not just a knights tale.

So I'm feeling a little dismayed this morning. I know I'm not the first to feel that way? It's not about being upset at any of my family or friends, we're fine, its more about our world. The emotional state of our society. So not to make this political, I won't elaborate on the crises in our country(or should I say the politicians.) I'll keep it to how our social structure makes us feel. You might feel this way too while looking for the rainbow through the clouds. At times I get disheartened because I feel like we humans are so messed up. So many inject all of their power into such negative things. A lot of people are so quick to jump into violent-mode and hit some one. As if beating someone up should be praised. Others are affraid to be hurt so they do nothing when violence occurs. Not to say that's a bad reaction, because it isn't. No one wants to confront and get hurt. This violence has spread, like a virus, in our schools, bullying on the internet too. Young people killing themselves. Like a snowball rolling down hill, it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Some say it starts at home. Parents have to stop being their childs friend and become the rearing parents they should be. The friendship will come later when the child has grown up. There maybe some validity in that statement.

Mental illness is very apparent in our society, like many other societies on our planet. Yet we carry on as if it doesn't exist. Then we have people who are so judgemental that they forget they too have their own faults. We can get so complacent sometimes that we end up losing out, getting hurt, or even dying. A lot of people get angered at others short comings instead of trying to understand why things may be that way for that person. They turn away instead of trying to help them find a better way. Some people are just too busy with their own lives to care. Some people place so much emphasis on material things that they forget the true value of good character, empathy and especially unbiased love. Those who may be doing better than others are quickly looked down upon and quickly criticized whenever possible. Its madness! So with all of this negativity going on around us, how is it possible to keep to a positive outlook? Well..I don't know about everyone else but what I've learned works and I try to apply it everyday. There are guidelines or measures one can take. I prefer to call it "living by a code."  *The Old Code. Whenever possible try to be helpful. Its a nice feeling to be appreciated. But don't over do it and don't get walked on. There are some people that will take your kindness for granted, so be wise about it.

When you see violence, be the quiet hero and call for help. It could be too dangerous to interfere directly. It just may save someone's life. If you can spare any change, give to those who are on the street asking for help. Do you know how it feels to know you won't eat good today or you'll have to sleep on the street? Dumpster diving is not a recommended diet. Even if they are not homeless, or they're being dishonest, or they are drunks, give anyway because you never know what has caused this or how their lives got that way. The kindness you show today will be returned to you tomorrow. [The saddest thing I saw the other day was an old woman holding a sign asking for help. I felt empathy and sadness because I know I could be that old woman and I thought, most likely, that she is someone's mother.] Be honest and don't try to win the approval of others by making things up about yourself or others. It will only come back on you someday and bite you in the ass. When you have menial things that must get done, don't just let them lie, take care of them first, complete it and be done with it. It may surprise you how good that makes you feel. It always reminds me of clearing out my minds closet.

And last but not least, keep your dwelling and your possessions well taken care of and neat because this shows your state of mind or your emotional state. Remind yourself upon waking, everyday, that this day is going to be a good, positive day. And let nothing deprive you of that feeling. We are in control of our thoughts and our perceptions of how we see things, how we deal with things and how we think about things. This is reflected in our lives and how we live it. I'm not saying that I know it all because I don't, no one does. But by living by a code we build structure in our lives which is the base for purpose. A life without purpose can be an empty shell. There will be days of sadness but its up to us to decide if we should allow that sadness to bury our positive state of mind or not. Grieve when its called for otherwise don't dwell in sorrow. Strive to be happy. And when those negative things rise up and try to bring us down, we have to get busy and convert those negatives into positives. And never forget: "To thine own self be true" that saying holds more meaning today and value than you think. It stands right along side of being honest. Lying has a way of catching up to us and its usually not a pleasant experience. So don't sabotage yourself. We were not put on this earth to be sad, hateful or abusive to ourselves or to others and yet society seems to follow that stream as a social structure.

Since we are the ones that create how we feel about our lives and how we live our lives, then we can surely change our social structure for the better. But it starts within our own individual selves. You matter. Things matter. We need to care. Living by a code is not just a knights tale. But a better way to live our lives. Lead the way by letting your light shine and others will follow. Enjoy the day.

*The Old Code -
From Lord Wilhelm Da Kalavo

A knight is sworn to valour
His heart knows only virtue
His blade defends the helpless
His might upholds the weak
His word speaks only truth
His wrath undoes the wicked.

 Copyright(c)2013.Living By A Code-Its not just a knights tale.Written by Sherrie Vitello. All Rights Reserved.