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We Weren't Put on this Earth to Exist in a Haze of Addiction

How often in our addictions have we thought about how much longer we could last doing this to ourselves? If you're like most people you've probably thought about it enough to recognize that you have a problem. There is no shame in knowing you have an addiction. The shame is knowing you have an addiction and doing nothing about it. Addiction effects so many people in many forms, everyday. So it's not something new to society. We all know of the destruction addiction causes us when we don't turn away from it. Why we begin to use drugs and alcohol we all know it's due to something lacking in our lives, a way to soothe our minds, something lacking in our character, or the way we may have been raised. We all need to have an outlet to relieve some of the daily pressures we face in our lives. But we don't need to take the easy way out and use drugs and alcohol for this reason. 

Sure it's easy to get drugs and alcohol. Alot of our friends and family may contribute to the ease of obtaining it. Perhaps thats why we use it so easily, because it's so easy to come by. Remember...just because man has legalized alcohol and it's easy to get, doesn't mean it's there for us to abuse. It's countless how many people abuse it everyday. Just because there are drugs available on the streets in every city, doesn't mean we have to go get them.  Just because some of our "friends" use drugs and alcohol doesn't mean we have to use them. Besides "true friends", those who really care about you, don't push there addictions on you. How many of us have had "friends" like that in our lives? 

For some people growing up was difficult, alot of bad things happened. Some people didn't have the kind of parents that would tell them of the dangers in the world. Some people grew up with all the material things they wanted, but not the emotional building blocks they needed. Some grew up with loving caring parents who did all they could to protect their children from the threats of the world....and still these children have tried drugs and alcohol. They believe they found a way to ease the discomfort and pain that comes with life. For the lucky ones who tried drugs or alcohol once or twice and found it was not for them, they were able to stay away from addiction. So why did addiction effect those who didn't want to walk away from it?  Why are so many able to just say no?  Could it be that we are born with some sort of brain damage? Something deep inside that medical science has yet to find a cure for?

Is addiction purely an emotional hook?  Whatever the case may be we as human beings have the ability to make a choice. We choose the road we want to walk, no one else can do that for us. The ones that took alittle longer to learn that drugs and alcohol were no good for them, got addicted easily. It's a difficult cycle to break free from, especially once we believe we can't live without it.  But we can!  We weren't put on this earth to exist in a haze of addiction.
Someone very close to me once wrote: "When the pain of getting high...is greater than the fear of getting clean, you'll be ready for change."  How many of you have reached that point?  Be honest with yourself and read that quote again.  These questions in this post are here for you to ask yourself and answer honestly. If you really want your life to change, for the better, then you have to get serious about your addiction and let it go.  It can be as easy as turning your back to it and walking away. The help is there. Are you ready? 

Written by: Sherrie Vitello
Copyright (c)2011 We Weren't  Put on this Earth to Exist in a Haze of Addiction. All Rights Reserved.

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