"I look inside myself to find my peace"


Thoughts As You Walk

Sometimes life can feel like a mean step parent. I mean for most of us, we wake up each day, do our routines every morning. We rush through something we call breakfast and we set off for the day. Research shows that breakfast should be the healthiest and best meal of the day. Its our fuel for energy and focus. Most of us have a job so we go to work. We get into our vehicles and crank them over never once thinking how fortunate we are to have it. Have you checked the oil, radiator fluid or tire pressure lately? Its good to do that on a weekly basis. Keep up the maintenance of your vehicle and it'll always take good care of you. Some of us take a bus never thinking how lucky we are that they exist. Walking to the bus stop did you even once take in the brisk morning air and thought how good it feels to be alive and healthy? Did you happen to see the hawks flying above your head? Or were you too busy hating the idea of having to walk to a bus stop to get to your job that you really didn't like anyway. You're thinking, the sooner you get to work, the sooner you can get the day behind you. Always feeling a little happier about work on pay days. Do you ever stop to think about the abundance of beauty there is all around you? The oxygen filtering trees in a courtyard or how crystal blue the sky looks today. The innocent beauty in the smile of child. Or even the musical laughter of children at play. The kindness of a stranger. 

We humans are excellent at taking things for granted. We've done it so well for so long that we don't even realize we're doing it. It becomes like breathing. For so many they've forgotten what "natural beauty" really is. Its not some airbrushed attractive picture on the cover of a magazine. Everyone has become so focused on material things and making money. So much so that they've become blinded to true values. Its not our fault that the powers that be are the ones feeding us the spiel that money is all. We've become so jaded to the subliminal persuasion we don't even question it. Having money is good when utilized properly and not squandered on material lusts. Having what we need to live, paying our bills, buying healthy foods is good. When money is looked at as a source of power and greed it becomes evil. But when money is used as a tool to live and help others it becomes a blessing. So its up to you how you see it and use it. Selfishness seems to override generosity more than not. People in general have forgotten how to be generous because so many times in history when people were generous towards others, they were taken for granted. It has left a sour taste in the mouth of generosity. But with good judgement on our side generosity can thrive once more in our circles. 

With the freedoms of differences we have in our societies today, everyone should look at the world as if it were a field of flowers. So many beautiful kinds of flowers, so many beautiful colors. Like us we are many different beautiful kinds of people and many beautiful different colors. There should be no room for hate. Hate is a seed that leads to destruction. It conceals and obscures the security of peace which should exist across our entire planet. I think and believe people are products of their own environment. I also believe they can choose to change it. But many choose to stay in that mindset. Some people just don't think they can ever change their circumstances, thats wrong thinking. We have the power within ourselves to change and get out from beneath negative circumstances. But we have to work at it to make it happen. If you believe you cannot change your world then you have deemed it so and it will not change for you. To much talk, thoughts as you walk.

Copyright(c)2014.Thoughts As You Walk. Written by Sherrie Vitello.All Rights Reserved. 

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