"I look inside myself to find my peace"


A Moment of Inspiration......

A SISTER'S LOYALTY                                                                          Sisters Gina, Celeste and Michelle

Now it's time to face the truth
Though I'd rather keep my youth.

Have to hold her hand through this
Till she finds the piece that fits.

This may bruise her soul, so deep
She may never get to sleep
Will this lesson turn her head?
Or will she feel inside so dead?
Too soon to see the reasons, why?
Too close I feel the loss and cry.

The only reason I am here
To help her look till she sees clear.                                                      

Though my insides shatter
Thoughts of what could be
It really doesn't matter
It's not my task to see.

Just to be there for her                                                                  
As her sister and her friend
Even though I don't always agree                                                   
I'll see her to the end.

Taken from the wonderful book: Through This Addicts Eyes, by Celeste Vitello

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